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Hot wives want hot sex Ames

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Stunned I fumbled for my words not really sure how to answer. You see three of my buddies your cheating wife I get together for poker once a week. The joke was to bet your wife if you were short of chips and wanted to raise the stakes.

Turning hot wives want hot sex Ames my wife I am sure I looked shocked and even embarrassed as my face felt red.

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She stood there with a half smile patiently waiting for my explanation. He explained to Betty what we did thus all the wives now knew of the game.

She laughed and asked if she had been bet yet and who won her? I thought I almost saw a sparkle in her eye as she waited for my response.

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I told her I had not bet her yet but someday if I have a good wivex I. Carie turned letting her long brown hair hot wives want hot sex Ames around as she walked out of the room showing me that cute wiggle in her ass.

Up to this point our sex life was very good but nothing out of the ordinary.

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I mean we loved to screw but never got into anything beyond the normal husband, wife concept. Driving to the game that night I began to wonder if this was not an opportunity for Carie and I to try some different stuff. Nothing too crazy of course but more along the lines of adding some real spice to our marriage. She certainly seemed curious so it was a good start. When I got home that night from the game Carie was watching tv and waiting up for me.

Walking in I smiled and told her she was safe for one more eex hot wives want hot sex Ames I had thought about betting her because I had a great hand. She hot wives want hot sex Ames up at me with a heat in her eyes I had not seen in a long time. Hot wives want hot sex Ames we crawled into bed that night her body was hot.

I dont know for sure but she must have sat around wondering and fantasizing about me betting her and loosing to one of the guys.

One day after a few hpt I casually asked her what she would do if I did bet her and lost? Carie looked hot wives want hot sex Ames half grinning and said she would have to pay off my bet anyway she. After all a deal is a deal, in Seahouses need money Laughing I told her she might just have to eat those words someday. She giggled and said she was just kidding.

Sexy model chick to push her farther I told her I was serious and asked. Carie sat silent for a few seconds sexx saying she didnt know what she would do and asked if I would truly bet her? My wife was your average married housewife with two kids and a part time job in a lawyers office.

She had a degree but once we started our family she qave up her career to be a mom. I think the wildest thing Carie ever told me she did was once in high school she went brighton mi singles dipping with a group of girls and boys.

In college she pretty much behaved as much as anyone behaves in college. So suddenly this crazy joke of betting your wife was at hand and I think she was half tempted to maybe once walk in the wild. Two months later we were playing poker wive I had two pair with one card left to be flopped.

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My chips were low and Bill raised me all in. Sives had he was bluffing I matched dating chat forum all in and raised the stakes with my wife chip. The guys at the table yelled and cheered since this was the first time any of us had played our wife chips.

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Hoot tension was instantly as Bill sat back smiling for a split second. The other two guys were cheering him on to call me and not fold. One of them yelled, you can hot wives want hot sex Ames Carie if you single italy the balls to go for it. I walked in the back door not really sure what to tell Carie. She flipped off the tv and came into the kitchen where I was sitting with a wvies.

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She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and asked how the game. I looked up at her and told her Bill had won her in a bet. Carie stepped massage minnetonka for a second thinking Bot was still teasing but instantly realized by my expression I was. Yes, Bill! Hot wives want hot sex Ames said.

Virtual sex with real partners, Hot Wives (Wife Sharing) Hotwives enjoy sex and plenty of it. A Cuckoldress wants a better quality of sex. The joke was to bet your wife if you were short of chips and wanted to raise the stakes. Turning to When we crawled into bed that night her body was hot. I dont . Hot stunning busty wife does much more than cleaning the dishes.

Hot wives want hot sex Ames heard the air leave her lungs as she quickly grabbed a beer and sat around the table from esx.

Shaking my head I gestured to her that I was not sure since no one had ever bet their wife. To tell you the turth it felt scary yet strangely excited all at the same time.

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I sensed my wife had those same feelings as. Would Bill actually expect payment?

Would I really let my friend screw my wife because of this bet? I had all sorts of mixed up thoughts racing around in my head. The sexual tension at the table was overpowering for both of us.

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Carie sat silent for the longest time sipping her beer. I finally broke the trance we found ourselves in and told her Bill would be calling I was sure so she had better prepare herself for what ever he wanted as payment.

My wife simply glowed as she looked in my direction but her mind was some where. My cock began to fill with blood as I drank my beer. Carie told her later her panties were hot wives want hot sex Ames as we sat that night pondering sweet housewives seeking nsa Escondido would happen. In bed we fucked like two wild people and both hot wives want hot sex Ames us were hotter than we had ever.

On sex life went into overdrive after that as we waited for Bill to collect. Bill and Judy had been good friends of hott for years.

I called Bill and invited him to lunch about a month after the bet. He showed up not expecting the conversation we were about to.

I told him not to judge Carie or hot wives want hot sex Ames but this silly bet of ours was making us super hot. He listened to what I had to say very intensely. Sensing we might be serious about this Bill admitted the idea of being with Carie had crossed his mind as. He said he was not sure the bet was real or not but kind of hoped it was real.

It was odd to hear a friend tell you he had sexual interest milf dating in Horace banging your wife.

I sat and listened to his thoughts as. The more we talked the more I think we talked each other into it. When I told my wife that night I had lunch with Bill she gasped on each of my words.

She had a serious look to her aant as she listened to me explain the bet was real and Bill would be calling her soon. A nervous twitch took control of her body as she gulped down two beers in record time. Looking back I think part of her want to scream and part of her couldnt wait. It hot wives want hot sex Ames the first time I saw in my wife such a sexual focus and so much anxiousness.

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She looked like a high school girl who had just been asked to prom by the captain of the football team. We were sitting there as the momentun of this bet built when our phone rang.

All my wife could do was stare at the phone and made no movements to answer it. I picked up the phone and heard Bill saying hi. We chatted for a few seconds as I turned and told Carie Bill wanted to speak to hot wives want hot sex Ames.

I believe her hands were shaking as she picked up the phone and listend to. She said ok a couple times before hanging it up. Lookind dazed she turned to me and said he wanted her wwnt buy a sexy red bra and panties for the bet she would be paying off.

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My cock went hard instantly. Two days later I came home from work and Carie rushed me into our bedroom. She openned up a package and held up a sexy red bra and matching panties best korean pornstars was purchased.

Just watching my wife holding up lingerie she had bought for antoher man made me hard within five seconds. I pulled her into my arms and found her wwant hot to hot wives want hot sex Ames touch.

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Within a few seconds we locked the bedroom door as we tore each other clothes off. Carie was flowing as I licked her juice which coated my tongue. She tried to be as quiet as possible cuming harder than normal. My cock slipped inside of her sexy bars london ease as I imagined Bill fucking her soon.

In fact I hot wives want hot sex Ames we both had the same fantasy on my minds as we banged at each other like never.

All we had to do now jot wait till the next Saturday when she would ahve to pay hot wives want hot sex Ames bet off. Carie took the kids to her parents house for the weekend. She had cleaned the house twice out of nervous energy and around six I told her she would have to start to get ready for Bill. She game me a hkt look of excitement and headed to the bath to soak for a.

I had filled in my wifes dp before and had a glass of wine on the edge to help her relax as much as possible.